November 15, 2018



I would like to tell you about my life experiences which resulted in my accepting a Vegetarian Way of Life. I starting changing my way of eating December 27, 2017 after having a stent placed in my left artery leading to my heart. I was wheeled into the operating room, looking at the ceiling of the hallway leading to the operating room, thinking to myself am I going to be alive after this procedure?

I have only been to the hospital two times before in my life- once as a child when I had my tonsils removed at the age of 5 (1956) and about fifteen years ago when I experienced food poisoning visiting Paris and the doctors were pumping the poisons out of my stomach and told me my liver was enlarged and other organs damaged and they wanted to operate on me. 

Thank God, my wonderful girlfriend Fereshteh, saved my life by getting me checked out of that horrible hospital a day after these ridiculous examinations. I was a week in this torture chamber where they had attached an intravenous tube and gave me only a liquid solution and slowly tried to draw out all of these poisons I obtained from eating spoiled mushrooms and a big steak a week earlier.

Let me go on with my story: For over 30 years I abused my body. I lived to eat. Every fatty steak, hamburger, pastrami sandwich, large frankfurters (my favorite), stuffed cabbage, stuffed derma, you name it I ate it! And of course, with it, was French fries, fried everything. My weight went up and down like a yoyo. When my mother needed home care, I worked late into the night to stay up to look after her and I ate at 2 or 3 in the morning- a delicious hard salami sandwich. Just last year, in 2017, my weight went up to 260 lbs. 

When I graduated from college, I weighed 170 lbs so slowly over 40 years I saw my weight at 220-230 lbs and being a little under 6 ft. I was overweight. Several years ago, I found out I had high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and I needed medication daily. Then in Nov of 2017, I started experiencing bad indigestion and difficulty breathing. My cardiologist said you are ok- I even lost 20 lbs and she told me I was doing great. But I was having problem breathing and I felt lousy.

One evening, walking to a restaurant for a family party, I had to stop and catch my breath. My girlfriend took me to her gastroenterologist and he immediately said you have heart problems and sent me to his associate, a great cardiologist Dr. Ronald Galluzzio. He told me, 2 of the valves leading to your heart are not closing properly and scheduled me for MRI tests and CAT scans. They found swollen lymph nodes in my lungs and stomach and eventually told me my left artery to my heart was 80% blocked and needed a stent.

(my right side arteries were 60% blocked). 

After a biopsy, they found I did not have cancer but sarcoidosis (a disease caused by environmental issues, such as breathing smoke from plastics and lead). Thank God, it is in remission but I feared about the stent and would my arteries get blocked up again. Dr. Galluzzio  told me my heart was functioning at only 10% and I was in very bad shape.

So, after having the stent placed in my left artery, I vowed I would do everything I could not to have to come back again to the hospital for any more stents. The first thing I decided was to change my diet and way of living. I would eliminate first eating red meat (I started December 27, 2017). Then 2 months later, I eliminated eating chicken and turkey and then several months later, I stopped eating fish- in my case tuna fish with mayonnaise. Just a month ago, I cut out eating eggs. I have never looked back and touched any of these foods again.

Now the good news: just last month, my cardiologist told me my heart was functioning at 50% and he was thrilled for me. He told me most people's hearts function at a 50%-65% capacity. I dropped my weight down to as low as 200 lbs. even though now I am up to about 210 lbs. I try and walk 2+ miles a day and I have no problems breathing and can walk fast without stopping. 

I have been able to have my body not crave eating any meats- whether beef, chicken, turkey-even fish and eggs. I love eating pasta and pizza I prepare. I don't eat butter and try and eat low fat cheeses. 

I don't have any stomach problems- and I feel better than I have felt in over 30 years. My energy level is higher and my mind is clear. Life feels good! For me, it was mind control; I decided I would fix myself and I know you can do it too. There are so many wonderful foods to discuss. In my next blog I will start getting into specific foods that are vegetarian that you can enjoy and slowly get yourself off of eating meat dishes. God Bless you and enjoy living. 

Arthur Seidenfeld
November 15, 2018