November 21, 2018


As I promised, I will tell you about some of the foods I enjoy eating. I have given up eating meat dishes, chicken, turkey and fish dishes and eggs dishes, such as scrambled and fried eggs and an omelette. I am strictly eating fruits, vegetables, pastas, breads, cheeses, tofu dishes and drinking unsweetened iced teas, an occasional fresh juice ,like orange juice and apple juice and every day my "Fuji" water.  

At the age of 13, I experienced my first slice of Pizza at a birthday party my parents arranged for me and a group of my friends. I remember the Pizza shop on Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn, a few blocks from my home. That smell of Pizza cooking in the oven and then served to me hot and fresh never left me. Pizza and pastas have always been amongst my favorite foods. Now I savor my Pizza and make my own Pizza, not eating Pizza prepared outside.

I make my own pizza because I want to control the type of cheeses used. I use low fat skim milk mozzarella cheese and I prepare my pizza with olive oil. I use Boboli pasta crust, Organic Colony mozzarella cheese, San Merican Tomato Pizza Sauce, with good oregano spices and an extra virgin olive oil. I also add some mushrooms and slices of leeks. Leeks I find very tasty and easier to digest than onion. I put my olive oil on a pan, then my pizza dough, then some more olive oil, then my cheese, sauce, mushrooms and leeks, then some more olive oil and then cook it in a desk top oven at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes.  Once or twice a week I have my pizza for dinner. 

My favorite lunch which I try and eat at least 3-4 times a week is a vegetable wrap- similar to the picture above. I have my wrap prepared near my work by a local vegetable-grocer. Mine is prepared by my friend Anthony who starts with a plain flour wrap. He adds sliced tomatoes, red peppers, cucumber, alfalfa, pieces of avocado, broccoli, hummus (ground chickpeas) and some ranch dressing. 

You can prepare this dish at home. It takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare. You will find it delicious, easy to eat, low in calories and very filling. 

Outside of the fresh vegetables and ranch dressing, you will find all the ingredients available on my website by suppliers with sample items. 

More recipes to follow in the next blog.