December 30, 2018

By Arthur Seidenfeld

One of the most exciting things I do in publishing my Vegetarian Diet Delight website

( is discovering vegan "meat" products which simulate the taste

of beef. For me it is most important that they taste good and are low in calories and a low fat alternative to meat products. I firmly believe that sticking to a vegetarian or vegan diet will allow a person to lose excess weight and get more healthy. 

It is all the more exciting when I find a vegetarian item which is produced and sold for a specific purpose, yet has an excellent alternative use. 

I would like to discuss in this blog, such a product. Sophie's Kitchen, a california company with a line ofvegan "fish" products produces a vegan sea salt toona which I use as a tuna alternative.  Today, I discovered it is an excellent beef alternative and becomes a part of a wonderful bolognese sauce for pasta dishes. 

Here is my recipe for a vegetarian pasta (spaghetti or linguine) with bolognese sauce. 

I start with my spaghetti or linguine and I fry in olive oil some leeks (instead of onions), small cherry tomatoes and portobello mushrooms. After cooking about 5-10 minutes, I add Mica's spaghetti sauce and then as that cooks, I add a can of Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Sea Salt Toona. I let that cook together for about 10 minutes and then I add this sauce to my pasta. 

Mica's spaghetti sauce is the best sauce I have tasted. A 1/2 cup of this sauce is 80 calories. It is a little high in salt (295 mg- 12% of the daily recommended level of sodium) and 1 gram of saturated fat. The best part, all the ingredients are Natural- no artificial flavors and no additives. 

Now, let me tell you how good Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Sea Salt Toona is. 

A 6 ounce can is 100 calories. 1/2 gram of saturated fat (3% of the daily recommended requirement), 

no cholesterol, 330 mg of sodium (14% of the daily sodium recommended requirement), 5 grams of carbohydrates- 2% daily recommended requirement), and 9 grams of protein 18% of the daily recommended requirement. The best part, no artificial coloring or ingredients- It is soy free, gluten free, 100% meat and seafood free and cholesterol free. 

On the upper left hand corner of this blog you will see a picture of the product. It is available in major national supermarkets, like Whole Foods and Fairway Market. We offer it for sale on our website:  If you click on the picture, it should take you directly to the amazon affiliate website where you can purchase directly. 

Now in full disclosure, I am a consultant to Sophie's Kitchen and sell their toona products under my Amazon's affiliate program. I buy and use the Sea Salt Vegan Toona and I am telling you my experience in using and enjoying this product. Not only good as a fish alternative, but now I find it can serve as a tasty and excellent vegan meat substitute. Give it a try, I know you will enjoy it too!