December 16, 2018

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I am always amazed at the ingenuity of the avid vegan-vegetarian activist when it comes to creating interesting and delicious menu items. Being a vegetarian by choice and following my believes fervently, I am constantly seeking out new dishes to enjoy so as to gain some variety in my diet. 

The vegetarian-vegan food industry is growing dramatically. The large international food companies and the giant food companies here in the U.S. are watching the activities of newly establish vegan - vegetarian food product companies. It is easier to buy a successful company than trying to create one from scratch. For the giant meat, poultry and fish company, a vegan meat/chicken/fish company is a good acquisition and the fastest way to take advantage of a billion dollar exciting and growing market. 

Back to the vegan-vegetarian recipes, I go to Instagram and look up a vegan-vegetarian food item to discover some interesting recipes. Just today, I identified delicious looking recipes for:

Vegetarian meatballs and spaghetti

Vegetarian mediterranean sausages

Vegetarian mushrooms stroganoff

vegetarian soup

blackbean vegetarian meatballs

crispy fried vegetarian gnocchi

vegetarian meatloaf with mashed potatoes and vegetables. 

I am an ex beef frankfurter junky. Beef Frankfurters were my favorite dish in the world growing up and becoming a vegetarian I missed frankfurters and knochwurst.

Recently, I discovered fieldstone's plain vegetarian frankfurters. I put them on my little grill and in about 5 minutes, I have a finished frankfurter with mustard and frankfurter bun. While not the taste of beef, the vegetarian frankfurters are truly delicious and very tasty. I cant handle the vegetarian sausages as they are too spicy for me. But these vegetarian frankfurters are great and very enjoyable. Each is about 200 calories, very high in protein but also high in sodium so you have to be careful and not eat too many at a time. 

I saw last week, a recipe for vegetarian stuffed peppers and vegetarian lasagna. Finally, you will find on Instagram many delicious Pizza recipes.  Please if you want to see some of these recipes, write to me and I will send you the Instagram names so you can see these items and try them out. 

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